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How to Throw the Cutest Friendsgiving Party

On a college budget but still want to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends? Her Campus has got you covered! Sometimes the best celebrations are just with your friends and some take-out food. This is what you need to throw the cutest Friendsgiving party in your dorm!

1. The cutest invitations!

Invitations are free online at Evite!

Photo credit: Evite

2. Festive paper plates

Photo credit: Amazon

3. String lights

Photo credit: Amazon

4. The perfect sign

Photo credit: Amazon

5. Festive cups

Photo credit: Amazon

6. Festive (paper) straws

Photo credit: Amazon

7. Cute throw pillows

If celebrating in your dorm, put these out on the floor for guests to lean back on!

Photo credit: Amazon

8. A Fall blanket for your guests!

If you’re celebrating with your friends at school, put a blanket on the ground and have that as your main sitting area! Or tell your friends to bring their own blankets for later!

Photo credit: Target

9. Party favors

Fill this cute basket with some candy! Some ideas to put in the goodie bag are:

  • Candy Corn

  • Mints

  • Hot chocolate mix

  • Sticky Notes

  • Cookies

  • Gum

Photo credit: Amazon

10. Some festive candy

Photo credit: Dylan’s Candy Bar

11. The perfect menu

On a college budget? Order in from your favorite restaurant to make clean up easy and keep costs down! Try pizza, Chinese food, or Panera and don’t forget the snacks – apple cider, hot chocolate, and even grab a premade pie from the store for dessert! Or if you’re celebrating at home, have each of your friends bring a yummy side dish to share.

12. A Polaroid

Leave a camera out so your guests to take the cutest pictures!

Photo credit: Amazon

13. Go for a hike

After dinner, pick a cool nature walk so everyone can get outside!

14. Watch a movie or the football game – but don’t forget the popcorn!

15. The perfect party game

Find your favorite game that a group of friends can play and have it set up, ready to go!

16. The perfect playlist

Have your friends send a list of their favorite songs over, and create a cool playlist to listen to!


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