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How to Stay Organized as the Semester Winds Down

Are you feeling stressed at the end of the semester? Does it seem like you can’t catch a break until the end of your final exams? We have some tips to keep you organized for the last few weeks of the school year. 

Keep a planner

This sounds obvious, right? Most students own one but fail to use it to its full potential. Mark it up. Use different colors for exam dates, project due dates, club meetings, and important events. Keep a weekly calendar for nightly assignments, but a monthly calendar for long-term planning. To make it easier, you can even print weekly calendars for these final weeks of the semester, instead of going out and buying one.

Print out your final exam schedule

If your school provides students in advance with a final exam schedule, print it out as a hard copy or download it as a PDF to mark it up on the computer. Highlight each day that you have a final. Decide which ones will require the most studying and use sticky notes or stickers to prioritize those exams.

Make a study schedule

Does it feel like you’re drowning in exams? Have a tough week full of assignments and group work? Make a table on Google Docs or Microsoft to include the hours from when you wake up to when you go to bed. Break down your day. Color code when you have class or a meeting, then designate specific times to complete what must get done and include studying as well. Reward yourself with a 15-minute break or snack when you meet that goal.

Categorize documents and files

Is your laptop filled with random documents? Can you find that research paper outline you need for tomorrow? Take the time to organize your files. Make folders for each class, whether on Google Drive or your desktop. Put these folders into a semester folder, then an academic year folder. This makes it easier to find files later on. If you have an assignment coming up, leave the instructions and materials on your desktop as a shortcut for quick, easy access.

Take satisfaction from progress

It is hard to feel good about yourself when you’re particularly stressed and worried about school. Take a minute to look at all that you have accomplished. Check the box on your to-do list, cross out the homework assignment, and breathe. You got this!

We hope these tips can help you finish your semester stronger than ever before. Happy productivity!

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