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With Easter weekend around the corner, many of us will be heading home and swapping out our over-worn winter clothes with spring and summer clothes. Oh, how good it feels to run your hands through the thin, bright fabrics that are donned on spring days in comparison to the bulky sweaters currently taking up half your closet that you are just plain sick of wearing. There’s just one problem—winter seems to keep coming back to Bryant. What does a stylish gal like yourself do during this awkward transition between winter and spring?

1. Color

Blues, pinks, greens, yellows! We are longing for spring, and although it hasn’t quite arrived, color is the easiest way to liven up our outfits. Have dark wool scarves? Swap them for colorful and printed scarves. If it’s getting warmer, get rid of the wool completely and wear cotton. Boring neutral shoes? Wear colorful moccasins, flats, or booties instead!

2. Jewelry

Make your heavier winter clothing feel less suffocating by adding bright accessories. Add a colored belt over a tunic or with your jeans. Pair it with a classic basic tee if you don’t want to look like you dressed for the wrong season. Or, wear a statement necklace with your black thermal. It will make you look like you actually attempted to dress up for a Monday-soon-to-be-Spring-morning class. A small pop of color will remind you that brighter days do lie ahead (ugh, patience IS key!) 


A solid color cardigan or one that is printed will add style (and maybe even color, see #1) to your outfit. Opting for the cardigans lets you wear your lighter shirts and keeping warm in the brisk temperatures. If you have a floral shirt or dress, wear your darker cardigan to make the outfit seasonally appropriate.   

4. Layer

Forget about your bulky winter coat that has made an appearance one too many times this semester and wear a lighter sweater, a lighter jacket, or a trench coat. The temperature will shift throughout the day, so keep it versatile with, say, a beige jacket that matches everything in your closet. You don’t want to be caught dead in your down coat worn to your 8am when it warms up ten degrees by 11am! 

5. Nails

Okay, so maybe this isn’t something you can find buried away in your creepy attic along with your spring clothes, but do not forget to paint your nails in fun spring colors! Get rid of the blacks, the navies, and other (fabulous) neutrals. Instead, go to town with lavender, baby pink, mint, or even white nails! It will be a constant reminder that warmer days are so close.  




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