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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

1.       Plan ahead! That’s the best tip we can give you. When planning a trip do it a good two months or so in advance, this way you can get better deals on plane tickets or if you are taking a car you can get it all checked out so you hopefully won’t have any problems.

2.       If you are going away for a longer time, you can pack light and just do laundry. That doesn’t sound fun but it will definitely save you a back ache in the end.


3.       If you are driving, make sure you research the area to plan where you’ll stop for gas and where there are rest stops so you can get up and stretch your legs. To figure out your MPG if you don’t already know it, fill up your tank reset your odometer, then the next time you need gas divide the number of miles by the amount of gas you needed.


4.       Look for fun places to stop on the way if you drive, and if you fly look for fun things around where you are staying. Look for food that you can only have there- you can always go to the chain restaurants where you live; vacations are about doing new things and trying new things.

Have fun and enjoy your summer trips!