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How to Perfectly Recover from Spring Break

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How to Recover from Spring Break 

Spring break can hit us all pretty hard. If you went on vacation with friends, you might’ve partied a little too hard. With these simple steps you can perfectly recover from spring break!

On the flight back….

You’ll need to freshen up a bit. The beach can do a number on your hair. Take our advice and put a bottle of Psssst! Dry Shampoo from Freeman Beauty. It is perfect after a long day to the beach and to help fight bad hair. Hydrate, and take a Cystex. Cystex can help treat urinary pain, and after sitting in a bathing suit all week, you might need some TLC.  In your couple of hours on the plane you should probably sit back, relax, and do a little online shopping.  Check out Sephora’s website, the new Charlotte Tilbury’s new Matte Revolution lipsticks. They’re absolutely perfect for a night out on the town. Their new formula is amazing!

After the flight…

Tan lines? What are those? Pick up some Sublime Bronzer Wipes from L’Oreal at the drug store on the way back to your place. They will even out your tan in no time. They’re perfect if you didn’t even go to a tropical place over break! They’ll leave your skin perfectly bronzed and beautiful! Nothing is better than a little bit of a tan. If you have extra time before getting back to school you should definitely pick up a Life Planner by Eric Condren, it’ll help you schedule out the rest of your midterms perfectly.