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How to Make Your Tan Last Longer

1.     Cool showers over hot showers – Hot water can dehydrate your skin, so sticking to cool water and a moisturizing body wash will help maintain your tan.

2.     Moisturizer is your new BFF – use as much as possible! It will help keep your skin healthy, so that no flakes appear.

3.     Exfoliate – Use a sugar or salt scrub once a week to help remove dull, parched skin cells making your skin appear fresh.

4.     Drink plenty of water – It will help plump and smooth your skin.

5.     Incorporate white into your wardrobe – The ultimate trick. Even when your tan starts to fade, you’ll look darker than the white shirt you’re wearing.

6.     Use a self-tanning facial lotion – your face is the first thing people notice, so using a gradual self-tanning moisturizer will help make your tan last even longer. 

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