How to Go on Spring Break and NOT Blow All Your Money


We all want to travel and do something fun for spring break, but we also know traveling can be costly. Here are some helpful tips to reduce the prices of traveling, but keep all the fun!


1. Travel with friends

Not only is traveling with friends the best way to spend your spring break, but it can also help to split the costs of travel and lodging!



2. Utilize Airbnb and hostels

Hostels often get a bad rep, but they can be useful and fun, especially when traveling with a tight budget. Hostels can actually have nice amenities, and it is an opportunity to meet other young adults who are also traveling. Airbnb is another great way to find fairly priced housing as well.



3. Travel somewhere close

Spring break does not have to be an extravagant affair. If you have a great group of friends, you can make traveling to even just the next state over a blast. Each place has a lot to offer. In addition, traveling in a car can be less expensive than buying plane tickets. This is especially so when you have friends to split the cost with!



4. Utilize public transportation

Once you reach your destination, using public transportation is a smart idea instead of driving around all day using up your gas. In most cases, there are deals for day passes and for multiple people traveling, so make sure to look into them.



5. Find free/cheap activities

Wherever you go, there is typically free or inexpensive activities such as comedy shows or parks that you can visit AND not have to break the bank!



6. Buy food from a grocery store

Though eating out is one of the many great aspects of going on a vacation, it can often be expensive. A good solution is to grab food from a grocery store that you can eat wherever you are staying instead of eating out constantly. 



7. Plan ahead

It is a good idea to write out what you want to do beforehand to get a rough estimate of how much you will be spending. Make sure to include travel, lodging, and activities.