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How To Get Your Work Done Before Thanksgiving Break

Every fall semester, as Thanksgiving approaches, it seems as though our professors band together to assign as much work as possible before we venture home for the holidays!! Unfortunately we cannot undo their actions. However, we can offer some tips to make the week and half leading up to this small break less painful, and we've posted them all right here: 

1) We strongly recommend one prioritizes! Make a To-Do list of all your upcoming assignments and essentially place the assignments with the nearest due dates at the top; chip away at the list from top to bottom to ensure meeting all deadlines. 

2) Our next tip has a very unique name: Eat The Frog. This basically means that it is most productive to get the toughest assignment done first. Trust us, it will only get better from there!!!

3) Another helpful tip we found is breaking up large assignments. For example, midterms often follow Thanksgiving Break. After working your tail off for a week and finally making it home for the holidays, who wants to bang out a detailed study guide the night or two before a big exam? You guessed it: no one! Start making your study guide a little each day leading up to break. It's an extra task, but you'll thank yourself later! 

4) Do NOT forget to get some sleep! It is the only way you're going to be able stay healthy and push through these next few days successfully! 

5) Lastly, we highly suggest visualizing how absolutely awesome it is going to be driving away from campus next Tuesday and leaving your stressors behind! Hang in collegiates, you've got this!!!


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