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How To Eat Healthy At Salmo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Ever feel like you can’t eat healthy in the cafeteria? The freshman fifteen hitting you at every turn? Well believe it or not, there are actually some resources around you when it comes to how to eat “healthy” at Bryant University. Eating healthy at Salmo is totally possible when you work at it.  Here are a few tips towards eating healthy at Salmo:

Do your research– Go online and look at the menu for the week! You will see different icons, like the “Balanced” icon, ensuring that you are working towards a healthy balanced diet when you eat. (There are also different icons for people who are eating vegetarian or vegan). If you look click on the foods that are listed, it will tell you the nutritional facts.

Look around-If doing research isn’t your thing, then look around Salmo and actually look at the signs next to the food. Most, if not all of the food, is labeled with the calories and serving size, and sometimes even the sodium intake. Some are labeled just like they are on the website telling whether it is vegan/vegetarian friendly or “Balanced.”

Substitution and Salads-If you think you are eating healthy because you are eating a salad, that can be rendered obsolete once you add the dressing. Remember that most vegetables are either low in calories, or don’t have any calories at all, and may actually burn calories eating them.  Once the dressing is added, over 100 calories can be added to your meal, and a great amount of sodium.  Yes, that’s right, you’re technically just eating the dressing! Try substituting it for vinegar. Vinegar is only 5 calories per ounce!  It is said that if you drink a teaspoon or so of apple cider vinegar, it helps with digestion and is said to help against food cravings.

The Meat We Eat– If you’re a sucker for the burgers and feel you can’t give them up, try to switch it up. Try a turkey burger or a Mediterranean veggie burger, they are much healthier. Turkey is a much leaner animal and less fatty. The veggie burgers have, you guessed it, vegetables inside of them. They’re both quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

Whole Wheat– Whole wheat is rich in fiber and people who eat whole grain, tend to weigh less.  When white bread and white pasta break down into your body, it becomes pure sugar. Are carbs good? Yes, to an extent. When you substitute whole grain and healthier bread, you can have a healthier you!

Regulation & Exercise-Remember that everything is good for you when you eat in moderation.  We all like to think that since we exercise we are free to eat whatever food that we want, but that is not the truth. Remember that healthy choices in eating is about 85% of the battle when it comes to staying healthy.

Contact the dietitian! Debbie Turner (the dietician at Salmo!) is a great resource, and she can set up appointments wherever and whenever. She has an open schedule and will negotiate anywhere to meet with you. If you’re concerned, shoot her an email: debbieturner@bryant.edu She has much more knowledge and awesome pointers to stay healthy.

Jeanyne is a Literary and Cultural Studies major at Bryant University with a double-minor in Chinese and Business Administration. She grew up in Hyde Park, MA which is a neighborhood in Boston, and she takes a lotttt of pride in it. She is a Cheerleader for the Bryant University Bulldogs. She loves to read and write. She's also a Starbucks Barista and speaks fluent Mandarin :)