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How to Cure Second Day Hair

You’re alarm didn’t go off, you absolutely do not have time to wash your hair, and you’re running the risk of showing up to class looking like a T-Bird from Grease. Have no fear! This article will share some tips on how to hide greasy roots as well as explain why you should have been embracing your natural oils this whole time!

Hide That Grease!

One of the biggest hair hacks of the century is dry shampoo. With just a few sprays in the right places your third day locks can look like a freshly washed mane (well, kind of). Dry shampoos come in many different forms with different purposes. There are your classic go-to brands like Batiste and “Pssssst!” which come in an aerosol form and work for quick distribution when you’re really on the go. However some may have concerns about health when it comes to aerosol, or are simply looking for a more natural option. For those collegiettes, we suggest loose powders like Lush’s “No Droubt” or Bumble and Bumble’s “Pret-a-Powder”. For dark haired beauties who don’t want to walk around looking like we’re trying to start a reverse ombre root trend, there are dry shampoos that come out with a dark tint, rather than the classic white powder, a personal favorite being Batiste’s “Dark and Deep Brown”. If you’re looking for a DIY option, you can mix together equal parts baking soda and corn starch, two of the main ingredients in any store bought dry shampoo. Just add some cocoa powder to make it dark hair friendly with a sweet fragrance. If you’re really in a pinch, just use some baby powder! 

Hair Styles

While some wake up ready to rock a head of gorgeous second day curls, the rest of us may have concerns about stringy, shiny locks. For the latter, we suggest first investing in a nice boar bristle brush. The dense bristles help to break up oil build up and disperse it throughout the hair, making your hair look shiny, rather than oily and stringy. If you’re past the second day and quite frankly can’t remember the last day you washed your hair, you’re gonna want to go for an up-do. Any style that pulls your hair neatly away from your face without still looking stringy will do, but a classic messy bun and a headband is a great go-to when trying to divert attention from your unwashed roots. Be careful with hairstyles like double French braids or high half up-dos as you’ll be exposing more roots and have higher risk of looking like a dirty car that says “wash me”.

Embrace Your Oils!

These hacks aren’t just for women who lack the time or motivation to take a full shower, your oils are important and you shouldn’t be so quick to strip them away. Sebum, aka “hair grease”, is a natural oil produced all over the body that acts as a natural barrier to bacteria and other harmful substances. It has other benefits specifically for your hair, like promoting strength and shine. Starting to sound like a conditioner ad? Well if you spread out your washes you’ll save money on fragrant bottles full of questionable chemicals (shampoo and conditioner) and get the same benefits from your own body. In fact, it’s been proven that the less you wash your hair, the less oil it will produce. So essentially you can train you hair to be less greasy.


So the next time you get up for an 8am class, skip the lather rinse and repeat and go for the dry shampoo and messy bun. You’ll save time and money and end up with long, strong, shiny hair that doesn’t need to be washed every day, or every other day for that matter! Think twice before taking your body’s natural oils for granted!

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