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How to Avoid Someone like a Pro

Let’s face it, there is always someone out there we need to avoid, whether it’s a guy we awkwardly made out with at a party over the weekend, or a bitchy member of a group we had to work in last semester. A majority of the time it’s better to act as if they don’t exist and avoid all interactions with them! Don’t worry, collegiettes- commit to these rules and you may get lucky and never have to talk to the person of interest (POI) ever again!
1. Be aware of your surroundings at all time!
If you don’t know where your POI is, how will you be able to avoid them? The best defense is to be on the lookout.
2. If possible, steer clear of their known routes.
Do you always run into your POI at the café before your Tuesday 9AM? Maybe try to beat him/her there and go five to ten minutes earlier. Going to a different café is also an option, and so is making coffee in your room (if giving up your caramel brulle latte is worth it).
3. Go in the opposite direction. Always.
If you’re really committed to avoidance, sometimes the only way out is to do a 180 and book it in the other direction. While this may not be the most subtle method, is sure as hell is affective!
4. If you spot them, DO NOT make eye contact!
Look in the opposite direction, pretend you’re super interested in the nutrition facts on the back of the almond pack in your pocket, or type away on your phone.  If you don’t acknowledge their presence, it’s not like they’re actually there, right? 
5. If you do make eye contact, act aloof!
This may put you in an awkward situation, but it will confuse the POI.  He/she could fall for it and think you actually didn’t see them, or get the hint not to disturb you.
6. DEVOTE your attention elsewhere
Glue your eyes to your phone! Stick your nose in your math book! Engage in deep, serious conversation with anyone in the area you are acquaintances with! Maybe you had one class together freshman year, but this person is your new best friend. Only a rude individual will interrupt you if you look engaged in a conversation.
7. Don’t be awkward if you are forced to interact
Especially at a small school, you’ll eventually have to converse with this POI. Be the bigger person, have the upper hand, and act cool. Being awkward will put you both in a weird position, so just be as natural as possible!
Good luck, collegiettes!
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