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Hottest Football Players of Super Bowl XLIX

That’s right ladies, Super Bowl Sunday is finally here! Whether you watch football every week, or haven’t watched a game since the last Super Bowl, chances are you’ll tune in for tonight’s game. Some of us love the Patriots, others love the Seahawks, and some just love the Super Bowl parties. One thing we can all agree on is hot football players! Fortunately for you, we have a list of the hottest players from both teams. Keep an eye out for these cuties on the field today! 

13. Derrick Coleman– Seahawks Fullback #40

12. Stephen Gostkowski– Patriots Placekicker #3

11. Brock Coyle– Seahawks Linebacker #52

10. Kevin Norwood– Seahawks Wide Receiver #81

9. Russell Wilson– Seahawks Quarterback #3

8. Danny Amendola– Patriots Wide Receiver #80

7. Kyle Arrington– Patriots Cornerback #25

6. Rob Gronkowski– Patriots Tight End #87

5. Bryan Walters– Seahawks Wide Receiver #19

4. Jimmy Garoppolo– Patriots Quarterback #10

3. Tom Brady– Patriots Quarterback #12

2. Cooper Helfet– Seahawks Tight End #48


1. Julian Edelman– Patriots Wide Receiver #11

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