Greek Week 2019 Recap

Sunday, April 14h to Thursday, April 18th was the Greek community’s annual Greek Week event. Usually a week-long event, each fraternity and sorority compete against each other in several mini, fun competitions. This year’s theme was Country. For every top 3 win, each chapter would receive points- 1st place = 50 points, 2nd place = 35 points, 3rd place = 20 points.


Greek week’s mission statement is “to promote camaraderie between fraternities and sororities through unifying events and activities. To celebrate the founding values of all Greek Letter Organizations: leadership, service, scholarship and friendship; to come together as a community and to celebrate being Greek.”

Sunday- Field Day

The fraternities and sororities competed in a three-legged race, balloon toss, tug-of-war, pyramid, and relay race. Winners after Field Day was Sigma Chi and Tri Sigma.


Monday- Basketball Tournament

This event was a five-on-five, double-elimination tournament. The fraternities played until the first 15 points were scored, whereas the sororities played until the 12-minute timer ran out. Standings after the basketball tournament were TKE and Tri Sigma.


Tuesday- Mocktails and Drunk Goggle Contest

Working with GAMMA (Greek Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol), each chapter competed against each other to create the best drink, that would be judged by faculty members from Bryant.

The drunk goggle contest was designed to be an obstacle course that participants from each chapter would go through. Time was recorded, but seconds would also be added (for mistakes) or subtracted (for getting the soccer ball in the net at the end of the obstacle course).

Tuesday also included the Greek week philanthropy event. Each chapter could donate $2 for 3 water balloons that would be thrown at Greek members. The proceeds went directly to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The standings after Tuesday were Sigma Chi and Tri Sigma.

Wednesday- Volleyball Tournament

Fraternities and sororities competed in a six-on-six volleyball tournament. Games ended after the 14-minute mark, with double-eliminations. The standings after the volleyball tournament were Sigma Chi and Tri Sigma.


Thursday- Lip Sync

Everyone’s favorite event was lip sync. Each chapter had a limit of five minutes to create and perform a lip sync. For this event, points were counted as double points. Therefore 1st  place = 100 points, 2nd place= 70 points, and 3rd place = 40 points. Winners of Lip Sync were Delta Chi and AOII.

Winners of Greek Week were announced at the end of lip sync as well- Sigma Chi of the fraternities and Tri Sigma of the sororities were the two winners of the week.