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Gabrielle Migliaccio

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.


Name: Gabrielle Migliaccio

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Communication

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

On-Campus Activities: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority

Interests: Shopping, going to the beach, tanning


The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Bubbly, low-key, reliable

Secret Talents: I’m flexible!

Dream Job: Working in the fashion industry in New York City

Pet Peeves: When people chew loudly, over touchy people, when people ask me if I’m mad

Bucket List: To see a shooting star and ride in a hot air balloon



Favorite Thing About Bryant: I love everything about Bryant

Favorite Place in the World: Aruba or Disney World

Favorite Food: Pasta or Chicken Parm

#1 Most Played Song on Your IPod: Sunday Morning by Maroon 5



Dream Boyfriend: Liam Hemsworth

When a Guy ____, I Swoon: holds my hand

Perfect Date in 7 Words: Teach me something new and sunset picnic