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Everything You Need to Know About the Clown Craze


-Exactly What the Hell Is Going On?

As many of you may know, America is facing a new epidemic and it’s not quite what anyone expected. Clowns are now terrorizing towns and cities across the nation, attempting to lure children into the woods, chasing people, and even wielding deadly weapons.

 We at Her Campus have one question: WHAT THE HELL?

We are just as confused as you. Clowns? Seriously? But we are here to give you the complete run down on exactly what is going on here.

This all began back in August in South Carolina with reports that clowns were using money and other lures in order to convince children to follow them into the woods. Thankfully, no kids or broke college students bought into it. More reports from around the same area followed as many reported clowns stalking, starring, and even chasing members of the community.

As September came around, reports of creepy clowns crossed state lines into North Carolina, then Georgia, Alabama, and Maryland. Clown reports began to evolve around this time too. What were once only eerie stalker-like clowns progressed into dangerous armed criminals as seen in Phoenix, Arizona where a man wearing a clown mask robbed a Taco Bell and Dominos equipped with a gun.

Now here we are in October, the month of things that go bump in the night. Yet, we were not expecting this clown business to blow up into a widespread panic.

Authorities certainly aren’t clowning around when it comes to any of this insanity. Many clowns have been arrested for disturbing the peace, falsely reporting clown sightings, and threatening schools and other public places.

Some are taking justice into their own hands though, fed up with all this craziness. Penn State has been the most notable in this mission to rid themselves of clowns as a report of an armed clown on campus sent hundreds of students into the streets “clown hunting”.

While we do not recommend clown hunting, if you do happen to run into one of these creeps, just remember Toby’s “Strike, Scream, Run” self-defense method


In conclusion, 2016 has officially been the craziest year, we sincerely hope it does’t get any worse.

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