Essentials for the Perfect Beach Trip

Okay, we know it's not even June yet, but that’s where we want to be right now. Of course, we are focusing on the approaching finals, but we can’t help to dream about the future beach trips that will be happening very soon!

To help you get ready for your perfect beach trip with your friends, we put together the perfect list of essentials to make the most of your trip!




This may sound like a no brainer, but many people actually forget to pack sunscreen or underestimate the sun’s strength! There are now different sunscreens on the market tailored to your skin’s needs.

Our suggestions: 

Cerave Face Sunscreen

Dermalogica Prisma Protect

Tarte Tartegaurd Mineral Powder Sunscreen

For more sunscreen options, click here!



A Circle Towel

This towel is perfect for taking pictures or to use to sit all together with friends!

Here are a few options:

(These are from Urban Outfitters)!



A Cooler Filled with Your Favorite Drinks

Drink options: Seltzer, iced tea, sparkling lemonade, water bottles, juice boxes!



A Speaker

A must for listening to your favorite summer Spotify playlist!




(Our favorites are from Urban Outfitters)!




Pack fruit in the cooler with some pretzels, skinny pop, or sandwiches from your local deli.



Pool Floats






Book to Read



Polaroid Camera to Make the Most of Your Memories!






Water Bottles

Stay hydrated by sporting a cute water bottle!


Her Campus Bryant wants to wish everyone a happy finals week (as happy as it can be)! Don't worry, summer is just around the corner!