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Elephant Pants: The Trendy Way to Give Back

College girls LOVE to find new fashion trends, and when they do they spread like wildfire. One of these new trends is Elephant Pants. These are cute, comfortable, one-sized pants that give back to the elephants. The pants are only $18 and people can do yoga in them, relax, or dress them up! They also come in different colors. They sell bracelets as well, which so far are not as popular, but we’re sure they will be!

For every purchase, the company gives back $1 to elephants. This is very similar to TOMS Shoes (with every pair bought, they donated a pair to those in need). The dollar goes to the African Wildlife Foundation, which also helps rhinos. Companies continue to give back to organizations because of the hype on social responsibility.

The pants come in colors of black, olive, dark pink, red, navy, teal, and orange. They also offer limited edition pants as well. The special edition pants cost $25 instead of $18, plus the design is slightly different. The colors offered right now in the special editions are blue, purple, navy, maroon, orange, and teal. The outfits you can pair with these pants are endless.

Bryant students are constantly buying them, including some of us Her Campus girls! They are comfortable and give back to a wonderful organization to help stop poaching in Africa. They are also 100% cotton, making them easier to relax in. The company even names the type of pants by elephants and gives you a small background of who that animal is. Get yours today

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