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Eating Vegan in a Dorm Room

Eating vegan in college dorm rooms can seem tricky, but we’re here to give you some tips to show you how easy it actually can be! 


Fruit is one of the easiest things to have in a dorm room for snacks (and even meals). Below are some of our ideas on how you can keep fruit in a dorm room!

Berries: Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc: super easy to have as snacks because they already come in their own container; All you have to do is simply wash them in the sink and then they’re great to have in your fridge for a snack!

Apples & Peanut Butter: We recommend purchasing a small cutting board to keep in your room so you can easily slice fruit, like apples. Pair it with some peanut butter and you have a filling snack!

Oranges & Bananas: These are great for on-the-go snacks (since they already come in their own natural “packaging”) and are super convenient for dorm rooms.

Smoothies: If you have a blender, this is actually a really great way of incorporating more fruits & veggies into your diet. Keep a bag of frozen fruit in your mini fridge freezer (like frozen strawberries, frozen mango chunks, or a blend), and then add some fresh fruit and even some spinach to your smoothie to get more of your greens in! Add some almond milk or any other plant based milk and you’ve got yourself a healthy snack.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are an easy, near-effortless breakfast idea for dorm roooms. The great thing about overnight oats is you don’t need a stove, or even a microwave to make them! All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a mason jar or a sealable container and let it sit in your fridge overnight – then in the morning, give it a little mix and its all ready to eat! No need to heat it up, you can simply eat it straight from the fridge. (Another time-saving trick is to make a cuouple of jars at a time – by doing so, you may only have to make overnight oats twice a week if you prep ahead!) Overnight oats are super filling and are a great way to get a ton of nutrients in one meal. Click here for some different overnight oat recipes and ideas!

Frozen Meals

Microwaveable meals are super convenient – and there’s so many vegan options now available in many grocery stores! Whether it be Amy’s Pad Thai or Sweet Earth’s General Tso’s Tofu, frozen meals are always a hit – they’re great for when you’re in a time crunch, or for when you’re not in the mood for whatever your dining hall is offering. 

Canned Soup

There are so many kinds of vegan soups that are great for quick, hearty meals. And the best part is, there is no preparation necessary! Keeping a couple of canned soups on hand is a great idea for when you need a convenient meal. Some of our favorite vegan soups include Amy’s, Campbell’s Well Yes, and Right Foods Dr. McDougall’s.

Microwaved Quinoa & Veggies

Did you know you can actually cook quinoa in the microwave? Well, you can. Grab some quinoa and some frozen veggies like broccoli, corn, peas, carrots, green beans, etc. and make a yummy quinoa and veggie bowl – all from your microwave! These items are easy to keep in a dorm room because the quinoa does not need to be refrigerated, and the veggies will stay good for a long time in the freezer. Click here to learn how to cook quinoa in the microwave!

Hummus with Chips & Veggies

An all-time favorite. Hummus is so versatile, and is a great staple for any vegan. Pair it with some veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers or your favorite bag of chips, crackers, or pretzels!


As far as snacks go, your options are limitless. Potato chips, Oreos, tortilla chips and salsa, dairy-free ice cream, crackers, Sour Patch Kids, dark chocolate, etc. There are so many vegan snacks available today its crazy. Though we try to be as healthy as we can, we always have our bag of potato chips ready for when we need it.

We hope this gives you some ideas for eating vegan in college dorm rooms! Make sure to stay connected by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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