Dos and Don'ts of Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment is right around the corner and the sororities of Bryant University are extremely excited to meet you! Here are some tips to help you through.


1. Stay open minded

You may go in thinking that you want to be in a certain sorority, but they’re all amazing! Try your best to get to know every single sorority, that also shows that you’re here for the sisterhood and that’s the most important part!

2. Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, because then you might not find your home! Stay true to who you are and the sororities will love you no matter what.

3. Make friends with everyone else going through

Although you’re probably doing it with a lot of your friends, it’s important to remain open minded and realize that anyone in the room could be your new sorority sister! This includes the Rho Gamma’s that help you throughout the weekend.



1. Pick a sorority based on what your friends decide

If one of your roommates wants a certain sorority, you don’t need to join the same one! Not everyone is the same, so do what’s best for you. Greek life is a close knit community, and we promise that you’ll still be friends even if you’re in a different sorority.

2. Wear uncomfortable clothes

There’s no need to wear heels or business formal or anything like that. Most of the sororities are probably going to be in jeans and shirts. They’re long days, so don’t put yourself through the pain!

3. “Suicide bid”

For those of you who don’t know what that means, it is when you only pick one sorority when you’re asked to rank based on which ones you have the best connection with. This is bad for a lot of reasons, if they don’t see you fitting in, you might not get a bid from any sorority at all! Another thing to think about is that once you join Greek Life, you truly do become friends with everyone in it! So save your preconceived notions about a certain sorority, because they’re probably not true!