The DO'S and DON'TS of Bryant in the Spring


As Spring is approaching, slowly but surely, it’s true that Bryant’s campus changes completely. Spring fever is among our fellow Bulldogs and we are impatiently waiting for the first nice day. In preparation, Her Campus Bryant has collaborated on the “do's and don'ts” of being outside on campus:

Do wear sunscreen. Because this time of year is the first we are exposing our skin to the sun, burning is inevitable. As it’s preached, sunscreen is so important no matter what season. Lotions with sunscreen built in are recommended so skin can be hydrated and protected at the same time. If your skin is extra fair, we recommend a regular sunscreen to ensure ultimate protection.

Do save your absences for later when the sun is out. Skipping class is the biggest temptation, but you will want resist as long as you can. Class is hard to attend already but add sun, friends, fun and a long day by the pond and you will be happy to miss class, without feeling bad.

Do take advantage of baseball games. Being a part of the “faithful”, or student section in the outfield is one of the best parts of spring. Everyone is out there playing games and cheering for our team. The baseball games are the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday.

Do go to the gym in the morning and start your day on the right foot. As the awesome weather increases, your motivation to workout will decrease. Take advantage of working out outside like going for a run or taking a hike with friends.

Do be smart about drinking and remember that hydration is key. Day drinking can put your over the edge and ruin your nighttime plans. Make sure to pace yourself and be smart with what containers you put your drinks in!

Do remember wind plus sun-dresses are not a good combination.

Do watch out for flying Frisbees, footballs, and any other flying objects.

Don’t litter, our gorgeous campus doesn’t deserve that!

Don’t wear your bikini.

Don’t do your homework outside. There is absolutely no way to concentrate and stay motivated with all the commotion happening.

Don’t forget to have fun and take tons of pictures, this is the best time of the school year!