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Do-It-Yourself Honey Lip Balm!

An awesome DIY beauty treatment we found courtesy of the amazing Pinterest is a Honey Lip Balm that is super easy to make and helps keep lips very soft!

The Recipe:

½ Teaspoon of honey

½ Teaspoon of sweet almond oil

1 Drop of peppermint oil

Mix all of your ingredients up and keep it in a small container!  Perfect for getting rid of chap lips and the ingredients are most likely already in your kitchen!




PaviElle is a Senior Marketing major at Bryant University. Before attending Bryant in fall of 2011, she received her Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Lincoln College of New England (formerly Briarwood College). She is currently the Fashion Editor for Her Campus chapter at Bryant. She has a strong love for fashion, especially in the styling, visual merchandising and trend forecasting aspects where she has experience.