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Divergent Review

One of the most unnoticed, yet incredible trilogy readings has now hit the theaters! On Thursday, March 20th, Divergent, the first book in 25-year-old Veronica Roth’s series hit the big screen!  For those who haven’t read the books – the series portrays a futuristic, utopian society, kind of like the Hunger Games.  This society is divided into five factions that are each based on a single virtue- bravery, honesty, selflessness, intelligence, and peacefulness.  In the first book, the main character, Tris, faces the difficult decision of deciding which faction, or group, she wants to be a part of.  The decision is bigger than one could ever imagine and can change everything! 

The casting in the movie was fantastic! They mixed some famous faces – hello, Kate Winsle!- with some up and coming handsome ones!  If you don’t know the face of Theo James, who plays Four, just take a moment to google him…  If that’s not reason enough to see the movie, then we don’t know what is.  Our Favorite, and hottest, president, Fitz Grant from Scandal – or Tony Goldwyn- plays Shailene Woodley’s father.  Our only comment there is that we wish he had a bigger role!

Shailene Woodley, or Amy from the Secret Life of the American Teenager, plays the main actress, Tris.  It was interesting seeing her transition from childhood to adulthood in her biggest role since the ABC Family show.  Her Campus has to admit that she caught us by surprise and played the role as a strong, daring woman very well.

Seeing the books in action was a thriller – although we feel, as always, the book was way better than the movie! Other fans of the books are both angry, and intrigued, with the many differences between the books and the movies.  We won’t give them all away, but we can’t help but talk about this one – Christina and Will don’t date? Like what does this mean? That one detail left out of the movie will change the way the next two movies play out! The producers and directors have definitely caught the attention of readers as we now have to wait for the next two movies to see what happens next!

This movie is great for people who haven’t read the books. They explain many things and orient the movie for people who are completely new to Divergent.  However, Her Campus still would recommends reading the books before or after seeing the movie in order to grasp just how complex the society truly is! 

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