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College, as Told By “The Bachelor”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.


1. On the first day of class, you meet “that girl” 
2. Finally finding something good to eat in the dining hall 

3. When it’s the weekend at last! 

4. Being unsure of your major can lead you to some interesting job ideas 

5. When the stress of academics, relationships, homesickness, and everything else hits you at the same time 

6. Leaving all of your friends for break 
7. The boys. Just kidding, you’ll never find someone as hot as Ben on campus!
8. Finding someone else’s underwear in your dryer 
9. Despite all of the stress and meltdowns, college is a lot like paradise.
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Kim Flynn

Bryant '19

Fan of puppies and Starbucks. Avid koozie collector. You can usually find me with my shoe untied.