Campus Cutie: Velocity Dance Team President Emily Charbonneau

In honor of Velocity Dance Team's Annual Expo Performance this Saturday, April 8th at 7:00 pm, we decided to ask the captain of Velocity and our very own Her Campus Secretary a few questions! Learn all about Emily and see her and the rest of the team perform this Saturday! 

HC: When did you first start dancing?

EC: I started dancing when I was two at my studio at home in Connecticut but got really involved in middle school when I started doing solos and competing.

HC: What is your favorite type of dance?

EC: My favorite type of dance would have to be contemporary because it can be really technical and emotional. I also really enjoy a good hip-hop dance every now and then.

HC: Do you have a favorite dance move?

EC: I love a good grand jete but if you see the dances I’ve choreographed you’ll notice I always put in distinct head movements so maybe that’s my actual favorite even though it’s small.

HC: Why did you join Velocity?

EC: I have always loved to dance and since I’ve been very involved in dance since I was little, it has become a part of me. I knew I had to continue in college and Velocity offered an array of dance styles like I was used to, not just hip-hop or jazz. The girls were all so friendly and nice when I met them at the first open practice and I knew Velocity would be a perfect fit for me!

HC: You’ve been on Velocity for 4 years, what has been your favorite theme of Expo?

EC: My favorite Expo theme was “A Night at the Movies” which we did my sophomore year in 2015. I love dance movies so it was really fun to get to dance to the songs from movies like Step Up and Grease!

HC: What is your favorite part of Expo?

EC: Our finale dance is definitely my favorite part of Expo! It’s always a set of super fun dances and since it’s last, the finale dance is like a celebration of a successful show!

HC: If you are having a dance party and you are the DJ, what song would you play first?

EC: That totally depends on what mood I’m in! Maybe some Steve Aoki, maybe a classic like Ignition, maybe a good remix. 

HC: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

EC: I’ve danced on the court at a Celtics game with Velocity!

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

HC: I’ve accepted an actuarial position with John Hancock! They are located in Boston so I will be moving there and starting work this summer! I hope to travel a little bit before then.

Velocity Expo tickets will be sold all week at the Fisher Info Desk for $3 for students and $5 for faculty/staff and guests! Tickets will also be sold in Fisher 4/5 10-2, in the Roto on 4/6 10-2, and in Fisher 4/7 10-2. See you there!