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Campus Celeb: Noah Pease, Candidate for VP

Last but certainly not least, HerCampus was able to interview Noah Pease, the current Secretary of Student Senate who is looking to secure the role of Vice President for the next academic year. Noah, along with Kojo Appiah and Via Valenti, are looking to be the voice of the people and bring their Bryant experience to new heights.


HerCampus: What year are you in?

Noah Pease: Sophomore, Class of 2020.


HC: What are your involvements?

NP: Sigma Chi, Student Government Secretary, Honors Program, was an ambassador, 2017 orientation leader.


HC: What are you running for and why?

NP: I am running for Executive Vice President, I want listen to people’s concerns and actual address them and change things at Bryant to enhance the student experience.


HC: What experience have you had that qualifies you for this position?

NP: I have been in student government for two years, I have been both a senator and held an executive position. I understand the ins and outs to how student government runs and I have made connections with many staff and faculty here at Bryant, which will help when making change.

HC: What do you hope to do if you were to be elected this position?

NP: Some of the main issues I have heard and seen are living situations, the food, and parking. I plan on working tirelessly to ensure that there will be positive change in all of these areas.


HC: Why should we vote for you?

NP: I have had the honor of representing the students for two years and I believe progress has been made to make everyone’s experience better but there is a lot of work still to be done. I have the proper connections and tools to fix these issues.


HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?

NP: Feel free to text me (207) 604-4091, or just say hi to me on campus. I would love to get to know more of the students and hear their concerns.


HC: When do we vote and where?

NP: Vote on March 29 and 30 via OrgSync

HerCampus Bryant encourages you to get out and vote this week in your local student election!

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