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Campus Celeb: Lexi Coyne, VPSO Candidate (Calling all Club Presidents!)


HerCampus had the pleasure of interviewing Lexi Coyne, a candidate for the Vice President of Student Organization position of Student Government here at Bryant University. Lexi is looking to make connections with each president and help to enhance their clubs to their fullest potential.

HerCampus: What year are you in?

Lexi Coyne: I am a freshman.


HC: What are your involvements?

LC: I am currently a Senator representing the class of 2021 on Student Government, Treasurer of the Yoga Club, a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, and I teach yoga a few times a week here on campus!


HC: What are you running for and why?

LC: I am running for VPSO, Vice President of Student Organizations. After serving on Student Senate for nearly two semesters now, I have seen many great clubs and organizations come forward with various requests. I would love to help these clubs to the best of my ability. Clubs and orgs are such a huge part of the Bryant community and I believe that their executive board, especially their presidents, should be informed leaders that know how to access all of the resources available. SPAC is a required monthly meeting for presidents of all clubs and orgs, and because of this, it is hard to make the meeting useful for everyone. A large organization that hosts many large events, such as SPB, is going to have drastically different needs than the club sports teams. I want to make SPAC meetings as efficient as possible.


HC: What experience have you had that qualifies you for this position?

LC: I am currently on Student Government as a senator, so I understand how that part of the process works. I also helped start the Yoga Club, and I am now the treasurer. I have helped write a constitution for my own club as well as reviewed constitutions as a senator for others.


HC: What do you hope to do with if elected to this position?

LC: Ideally, I can organize SPAC in a way that can directly help each and every club. I would hope to establish personal relationships with the presidents and make SPAC something that people come out of feeling like they have learned something.


HC: Why should we vote for you?

LC: I feel the presidents should vote for me because I am deeply committed to the success of their clubs! I want to help them get the most funding and have the most inclusive constitutions so they aren’t limited. Also, because I am a freshman, I hope to win this year, and the next two. The other candidates are going into their senior year; the end is so close for them. I am just beginning my academic career here at Bryant and I have three full years of dedication and commitment to offer.


HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?

LC: I teach yoga Sundays at 7, Tuesdays at 5, and I am at every yoga club meeting on Thursdays at 6:15 in the IFC! You can also reach me at acoyne2@bryant.edu or follow my social media (FB: Lexi Coyne, campaign IG: @joincoyne2018). I’m always around to talk and I would love to hear everyone’s ideas. 


HC: Where do the presidents vote and when?

LC: At the SPAC meeting this Thursday, 3/29!


HC: Give us a FUN FACT!

LC: I’m a double minor in Spanish and Chinese!

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Bryant '18

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