Campus Celeb: Bruce the DPS Officer

Bruce and his son at his graduation.

Name: Bruce Senecal

Job: DPS officer


HC: What is your hometown?

Bruce: Born In Woonsocket, Moved to North Smithfield in 1996


HC: Where did you go to college?

Bruce: I went to Roger Williams University and received a degree in Criminal Justice.


HC: How long have you been at Bryant?

Bruce: I was hired in August 2013, so I am starting my fourth year.


HC: What made you interested in being a college public safety officer?

Bruce: I retired in 2010 from the North Smithfield Police Department after serving for 30 years. I was the community police officer and always enjoyed working with kids and the elderly. I was retired for 3 years and realized I missed the interaction with public and felt like I still had a lot to offer.


HC: What was your dream job as a child?

Bruce: To be a Police Officer.


HC: Favorite moment at Bryant?

Bruce: Being asked to lead the graduation procession.


HC: What’s your favorite quote?

Bruce: I still believe in one of the oldies- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 


HC: Who is your celebrity look alike?

Bruce: Matthew Perry (Friends)


HC: If you weren’t a DPS officer what would you be doing?

Bruce: Enjoying every day with my wife.


HC: What’s the best date you’ve ever taken your wife on?

Bruce: A picnic by the beach, bottle of wine, good food, a blanket to lie on and we would watch the moon rise over the Narraganset horizon. 

Bruce and his wife in Florida.​

HC: Finish the sentence: with a million dollars I would…

Bruce: Donate to several charities, and share with my family.


HC: What do you like most about being a DPS officer?

Bruce: I like that every day I get to interact with different students, get to learn a little about them and to feel like I am part of their environment,  learning and growth as adults


HC: What do you like the least?

Bruce: Having to place students that drink too much into a rescue to be taken to the hospital.


HC: So many Bryant students know who you are, what do you think makes you such a well-liked DPS officer?

Bruce: That’s a question that the students can answer better than I can. I only try to do my best, to treat each student with respect and to show that I do care about them, their safety and their future, as do the other DPS officers.


HC: What would you rather work day shift or night shift?

Bruce: I like working second shift, it allows me the best opportunity to interact with the students.


HC: Coke or Pepsi?

Bruce: Coke, Pepsi is too sweet.


HC: What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?

Bruce: Spain, (in Cranston or Narragansett.) Or Mediterranean Alicante (Mendon MA)


HC: What is a fun fact that would surprise people?

Bruce: I like to scuba dive and do woodworking.


HC: What’s the best vacation you’ve been on?

Bruce: My Honeymoon, (Maine)


HC: If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be?

Bruce: Albert Einstein.


HC: What is something you love doing outside of Bryant?

Bruce: There’s things to do outside of Bryant? Just kidding, I love being at the ocean.

Bruce posing with the Delta Zeta sorority for their Spring 2016 photo shoot.

HC: How do you feel about people loving to take photos with you at the townhouses?

Bruce: It makes me feel like I have been accepted, that the students feel comfortable enough around me and other DPS officers to include us in a part of their personal life here at Bryant.