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Bryant Men’s Basketball

It is no surprise how well Bryant Men’s Basketball has been doing this season.  A lot of people never would have guessed a small business school in Rhode Island could create the next dream team of college basketball.  Bryant suffered an unhappy 2-28 record last season, and has made this year’s most stunning turnaround.  It could be the school spirit or the talent of the athletes, but the Bulldogs aren’t stopping anytime soon.

They have won 8 straight games in row and now have an amazing 16-6 record.  They’ve gone from Northeast Conference punch line to a powerhouse in one season.  These eight straight wins are heading the team to start conference play.  This can be thanks to an invasion of new talent, the maturation of returning players and some long-overdue good fortune.  “We feel extreme gratitude things have turned and we’re enjoying some success now,” Coach O’Shea said.  He is extremely proud of his players (roster below) and could not have asked for a better team.  

All of the students here get so excited for the next game and the Chace Athletic Center is always packed with fans.  Keep a look out for the men’s team as they try to fight their way to the top and try to win the NEC conference.  Go Bulldogs!!


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