To Black Friday Or Not

It may seem as if Black Friday is a college girl’s best friend, but you're still at risk of spending large amounts of money. Black Friday has so many great deals that girls just want to shop from the beginning to the end, ourselves included! However, you have to make sure you have a budget! If not, you could break the bank. When deciding to go Black Friday shopping or not, keep these things in mind:

1.       How much money can I really spend?

2.       Is the item(s) for me or a gift for someone else?

3.       Make a list ahead of time of things you will be looking for.

4.       Keep the list and modify it as time goes on before Black Friday in case something changes.

5.       Get a group of friends to have limits as well so they can enforce yours.

6.       If a store runs out of something by the time you get there, do NOT just buy it at regular price. Chances are you can ask to get it online at the sale  price because it’s their intranet.

7.       If you go out, BE SAFE!! On Black Friday some people to go crazy since the prices are cheap, and money can be tight for college students.

8.       HAVE FUN! If you don’t have fun you’ll find the experience horrifying and never want to do it again.

Black Friday can also be quite adventuraous if you have friends who have never gone before. If they decide to go, make sure they have fun and have a limit as well, because the first time can be the most expensive trip. Being discount shoppers, we know how great these deals look. But we still make sure we have a budget and plan for the day far in advance! That way we don't spend too long in one store when we know we need to go somewhere else. If you go out shopping, send us the pictures of the adventure you had, and tell us what you thought of the guidelines! Black Friday is only days away now!