The Best Places to Study on Campus

Finding the perfect place to study on campus can be a challenge. As the semester starts becoming more difficult, we all look to find that one perfect spot that allows us to get our work done. Depending on the kind of area that works best for you, there are many places around campus that you can study at, to help you prepare for upcoming work and exams.

Fisher Student Center:

Fisher is a great place to work if you enjoy the buzz of other students and noise to keep you focused. If you’re looking for a quieter place within the Student Center, you can head up to the 3rd floor where you will find tables and couches in which you can sit and get some work done without any noisy distractions. Plus, if you need a study break, Fisher is home to many places that you can buy food!

The Library:

It may not surprise you that the library is one of the best places to go on campus to get work done. The library has many casual study nooks, couches, and private study spaces that are available on a first-come, first-served basis that you can book online. The library contains a printing station with staplers, where you can finish up your assignments and get them ready to be turned in.

The Rotunda:

Located within the Unistructure, the Roto is a great place to grab a table and get work done between classes. The roto is fairly quiet, other than during class transitions or events going on within the space. For early morning studiers, the roto is home to a café in which you can get your morning coffee!

The Academic Innovation Center:

Also known as the AIC, the Academic Innovation Center contains many places that are available for student use. The AIC has many private breakout rooms in which are available to book or first-come, first-served tables. With walls covered with white boards, students have the ability to write on the walls. The AIC is a great place to go for study groups or meetings.

Don’t limit yourself to just your dorm room or the library. You’d be surprised at how many hidden spots there are around campus that could make the perfect spot for you to get your work done!