The Best Fall Flavored Alcohol

We all know that everyone loves pumpkin flavored drinks during the fall season, but what about all those neglected fall flavors that we are all over looking? There are so many exciting fall flavored cocktails and alcohols that we’re all missing out on. Here are a few to try this season (if you’re 21 obvs):

Cinnamon Flavored:

Think about how festive a cinnamon martini with a cinnamon sugar rim would be!

Caramel Apple Flavored:

Caramel apples are the best, so caramel apple flavored drinks are probably the best too.

Salted Caramel Flavored:

Salted caramel goes with everything, especially warm apple cider. The perfect combo for a cold football game tailgate!

Oktoberfest Beer:

For our beer lovers out there, Oktoberfest flavors are everywhere, not to mention they are ridiculously good.

Vanilla Flavored:

What’s the best part of pie you ask? The vanilla ice cream that goes on top. What’s the best fall flavored rum you ask? Vanilla of course.

These flavors are the perfect elements to include in your fall cocktails this season, just remember to drink responsibly!