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Best coffee places in Smithfield, Rhode Island

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Coffee Connection is a great option for a chill vibe. They have a great selection of coffee flavors ranging from Candy bar and Mint Chocolate chip to more classics like Carmel and Mocha. They have a big selection of baked goods, amazing bagels, and a smoothie and bowl section. The environment is very relaxed in a modern way and is a great place to do some work, however, it is a smaller place so there are not always tables available.

Brewology is a place I recently tried and have found myself going to a lot more. It is a cute café in the mornings and afternoons, but has a full bar for nighttime. The place has a rustic feel and is the perfect cozy environment to get work done. They even have a fireplace and comfy chairs! They have really unique coffee flavors like Caramel Toffee and the best cold foam I have ever had. They even have a wide selection of baked goods as well as more intricate breakfasts like avocado toast with tomatoes and burrata.

Of course, there is your typical Starbucks and Dunkin locations around which is good for classics that only they can make like the Strawberry Acai Refresher at Starbucks. They both have a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches and are better for on-the-go options with prices on the cheaper side compared to cafes.

Lastly, there is also Marylous which is a very well-known place in Massachusetts, but there is only one location here in Smithfield. They offer creative flavors like peanut butter and pecan and are a good option for very sweet coffees. This place is great for on-the-go coffee, but can be overwhelming on the inside to get work done as the whole place is bright pink and the environment is often quite loud and energetic.

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