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Beauty Tips: How to Beat the Dry Air

It’s that time of year again for us New England girls: the dreaded winter months! Not only is it freezing and snowy, but it has awful effects on our hair and skin too.  HC has the perfect remedies for windburn and locks that have been lacking in shine.

Moisturizing Cream: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for dry and sensitive skin is the best for your face during the winter months.  Apply every morning and night to combat dry skin!

Olive Oil and Egg Hair Treatment:  If you are into home-remedies for beauty tricks, this mask is the perfect solution for keeping hair moisturized! Combine three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and two eggs.  Apply mixture to hair and rinse out after 20 minutes.  Your hair will be as shiny and moisturized as ever!

Eat an extra dose of Vitamin C: An extra bit of vitamin C in your diet is sure to boost collagen which helps to maintain skin!

Body Lotion:  The best time to put on lotion to lock in moisture is right after showering. We recommend lotion that keeps your skin hydrated all day. Nivea Extended Moisture is sure to please!

Lip Moisturizer: We’ve got the perfect remedy for chapped lips! First, exfoliate with a toothbrush.  Lather on a thick layer of Vaseline or Aquafor for fifteen minutes and remove with a cotton swab dipped in hot water for kissable lips!

Cream Products instead of gel Products: Swap out your hair gels for creamier products.  This will keep hair hydrated and cut down on frizz.

Face Mask: At the local drug store there are several face masks you can buy, but another great option is the homemade banana face mask for dry skin! Combine one mashed banana, two teaspoons of olive oil, and an egg yolk. Apply the mixture to a clean face and let it sit for twenty minutes.  Rinse it off with cold water and say goodbye to your dry skin!

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