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Bao Thai

Name: Bao Thai

Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Marketing/Chinese
Hometown: Gorham, Me
On-Campus Activities: Intramural sports, Socialite
Interests: Economics, Sports, Music, Art

The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Charismatic, Resourceful, Ambitious
Any Secret Talents? I can do a toe touch
Dream Job: Not having to work
Pet Peeves: Conversations on Twitter, Rude people
Bucket List: Meet Soulja Boy


Favorite Thing About Bryant: The People
Favorite Place in the World: Bryant University
Favorite Food: Su$hi
#1 Most-Played Song on Your iPod: Zip and a Double Cup – Juicy J


Dream Girlfriend: Jenna Bell
Best Pick-up line ever used:
ME: “Excuse me miss, there seems to be a problem with my phone”
Unsuspecting female: What’s that?
Me: “Your numbers not in it”
Perfect Date in 7 Words: Random, Food, Candles, Fun, She Pays, Swag

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