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The Bachelor Update

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Juan Pablo, the fan favorite hottie from last season of The Bachelorette, is off to a great start on The Bachelor. His flawlessly toned body and sexy accent has pretty much all women across America wishing they could have a chance to date him. 27 lucky girls had the chance to meet him and potentially become his future wife. There are currently 11 girls left- Alli, Andi, Cassandra, Chelsie, Clare, Danielle, Kat, Kelly, Nikki, Renee, and Sharleen- all of them just as gorgeous as the next.

Despite Sharleen’s painfully awkward makeouts with Juan Pablo, she seems to be one of his favorites. Renee and Cassandra are both single moms, which Juan Pablo seems to love because of his devotion to his own daughter. It’s time for Kelly, whose profession says “dog lover”, to go. Anyone who brings their dog with them to accept a rose should not still be around.

Up until now this season has had relatively less drama than any previous season. However, as less and less girls remain, the jealousy and claws are starting to come out. Clare seems to be constantly vying for Juan Pablo’s attention and the girls are starting to get sick of it. There was also some drama erupting over Nikki because the other girls thought that she acted one way with them and a totally different way with Juan Pablo. We will find out how Juan Pablo really feels about her this week on the show because she gets one of the one-on-one dates.

Check back weekly because we’ll be giving you updates on each week’s episodes and as more girls go home, the more exciting and dramatic the season will get.