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The Bachelor Update: Fantasy Dates!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Too much happened on the Bachelor two night special this week to cover it all, so we’ll just have to cover the important things. On Monday we watched the hometown dates, which are always fun to see because you get to meet the womens’ families. Nothing extra special happened on any of these dates, except when Andi’s dad gave Juan Pablo some nonsense about asking to be a part of their family (while he’s still dating three other women) so good for him on that one. Juan Pablo did seem to fit in nicely with all of the families. However, Clare’s family was interesting to say the least. Her sisters were so odd and her “mama” literally never spoke, so we all got a good laugh out of that. Renee was sent home, which was sad because she’s literally perfect and was so cute with Juan Pablo.

Tuesday night was so much more exciting than Monday. We finally got to see the highly anticipated fantasy dates! The highlight of the episode was definitely Andi. Our obsession for her grew tremendously after watching her yell at Juan Pablo for being a complete ass. The morning after her fantasy date, she said in the interview that she could not wait to leave that morning. How could a fantasy date with the hot and sexy Juan Pablo possibly go wrong!? Well, Andi said that Juan Pablo only cared about himself and had even mentioned the fact that he was on a fantasy date with Clare the night before! Seriously how rude… And every time she tried to bring up something serious, Juan would just say “it’s okay.” Andi absolutely killed it in her confrontation with Juan Pablo the next day. Everything she said about him was clearly not made up because he did not seem to understand or care what the problem was. Andi stood up for herself and called Juan Pablo out for basically being a horrible person. Everything she said made some of us start to really dislike Juan Pablo- hard to believe one can dislike someone who is so easy on the eyes, but his true colors are really coming out and it’s disappointing. Andi sent herself home and we have to say that we’re really hoping she will be the next bachelorette!

Clare and Nikki’s fantasy dates went really well. Despite any dislike we may have for Clare, the way she said “I love falling in love with you” was completely adorable. We will find out who Juan Pablo chooses to be his wife in two weeks. But first we get to see all of the women Juan Pablo sent home share their true feelings on the “Women Tell All” episode!