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The Bachelor Update

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

It’s time for an update of last week’s exciting episode of The Bachelor! Renee had her first one-on-one, and her super sweet personality was seen. Juan Pablo and Renee bonded over having children, which was cute. However, in an attempt to “respect her son”, Juan Pablo did not kiss Renee during the date (much to her disappointment). But not to worry, she finally got her kiss at the rose ceremony!  Nikki, the nurse who was getting a little annoying in the previous episode, redeemed herself on her one-on-one date. She was funny, fun, cute, and sweet during her date and had a great connection with Juan Pablo.

The best part of this episode happened during (and after) the group date. All of the girls felt really awkward because the whole time they felt like it was a date for Juan Pablo and Clare while the other girls pretty much watched them make out. Not surprisingly, she got the rose on this group date. But it doesn’t stop there. That night, Clare showed up at Juan Pablo’s hotel room and they went for a late night swim in the ocean (and that’s definitely not all that happened…). Clare even toasted at the cocktail party saying “Cheers to finding love, being loved, and making love”, could she have made it more obvious?  Juan Pablo quickly killed her bliss at the cocktail party when he said he regretted what happened that night because his daughter will watch this, and he feels that he disappointed her. The rest of the night Clare was a crying mess and it was a little awkward, but mostly funny for everyone else to watch.  (Above is Juan Pablo telling Clare that he regrets the night they secretly had behind the other girls’ backs).

Juan Pablo surprised the girls by sending three people home. The random curly haired girl who no one even knew, Danielle, went home (which was not a surprise). Kelly, the “dog lover” was finally sent home. And lastly Ally, the nanny, was sent packing as well.