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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Have you ever wanted to watch a TED Talk live? Well, this Saturday is your chance!

Saturday, February 22nd, Bryant will be hosting their third annual TEDxBryantU event, 2020 Vision, and they have eight interesting speakers lined up. Not only will you have the chance to watch Bryant staff and alumni speak, but there are a handful of current students who will be giving talks as well!

Keep reading to find out more about the speakers and their TEDx topic but be sure to join us Saturday to hear all about their 2020 visions!


Leah DeCesare, Staff Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: How a Pen and a Stamp Can Change a Relationship

Leah’s 2020 Vision: How a handwritten note can provide true connection and has the power to change relationships, even in a culture of simple, fast digital communication.


Michael Biskupic, Student Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: Envisioning the Future of American International Engagement

Michael’s 2020 Vision: To provide a vision for the future of America’s international engagement strategies.


Don Wilson, Alumni Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: What’s your WOOBIE? – A Simple Strategy Toward Your Uncomfortable Path to New Opportunities in Life and Business

Don’s 2020 Vision: To share his simple strategy for creating better habits that lead to new opportunities, and that will work for even the majority of humans who struggle with implementing uncomfortable change.


Samantha Iacone, Student Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: Making the World More Unified

Samantha’s 2020 Vision: How to make the world more unified by creating a more inclusive and accepting world filled with pure and passionate leaders who want to give back to the community.


Alyssa Dver, Guest Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: Confidence is a Choice: Real Science, Superhero Impact

Alyssa’s 2020 Vision: How science explains why and how confidence is actually everyone’s innate superpower and ongoing choice.


Carlos Meltz, Student Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: It’s Okay to Not Have a Vision, Yet

Carlos’s 2020 Vision: To tell a series of events about his past, present, and plans for his future, along with habits that are needed to help meet his future goals.


Jennifer Sahady, Alumni Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: I Do

Jennifer’s 2020 Vision: How she helps others in demystifying money in marriage to empower them to have a successful financial future.


Lauren Porosky, Alumni Speaker

TEDx Talk Title: Be the Catalyst

Lauren’s 2020 Vision: How all knowledge is spendable currency, depending on the market.


Be sure to register for TEDxBryantU here or by visiting their website.

The event is free for Bryant students, lunch will be provided, AND the first 100 people there will get a free swag bag and t-shirt, so don’t walk — run — to get your TEDxBryantU tickets now!

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