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All Inclusive Guide to Breakfast Places near Bryant

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

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Real talk: there’s no better cure for a hangover than going out for brunch with your girls. Unfortunately, Salmo just doesn’t cut your Saturday/ Sunday morning needs. That’s why we have compiled the ultimate list of breakfast places in the area.

T’s Restaurant

Locations: Cranston, East Greenwich, Narragansett

T’s without a doubt has some of the best breakfast food around. They serve breakfast/ brunch until 3 pm every day of the week, which means you can even get breakfast after class if you get out early enough! Their Ooey Gooey French Toast is one of the most delicious breakfasts you’ll find in the area. Combine that with a vanilla chai and you’ll find yourself melting right into heaven. 10/10 would recommend.

Brewed Awakenings Coffee House

Locations: Johnston (Atwood Ave), Johnston (Cherry Hill), Cranston, Wakefield

Brewed isn’t technically a breakfast place, but they do sell yummy breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. Brewed made its name as a coffee place, so don’t forget to order a coffee, chai, or latte with your food. The Johnston locations are closer to Bryant, but we recommend the Cranston house. It’s enormous on the inside, with plenty of space for studying or just chatting with your friends. You can even eat at their outdoor patio, so hurry and go before it gets too cold outside!

Kountry Kitchen

Location: Smithfield

Kountry Kitchen is a small, mom and pop type place. Their food always hits the spot, especially if you’re in the mood for home fries. And let’s be honest, who isn’t in the mood for home fries? Added bonus- it’s an easy 12 minute drive from campus. They’re open and serving breakfast until 2 pm.

Emmily’s Family Style Restaurant and Grill

Location: Johnston

Emmily’s serves great food throughout the day, but we’re focused on the breakfast they serve until 3 pm. They have a nice atmosphere, and an even nicer Stuffed French Toast. That’s right, French toast stuffed with cream cheese, strawberries, and/ or bananas. Always worth trying.

The English Muffin

Location: Johnston

Here you get an affordable meal in a quaint little diner. They serve breakfast until 2 pm, and their food is consistently delicious.  

Avenue Grill

Location: North Providence

Avenue Grill makes this list because of one, very important quality: it is open ALL night. That’s right, you can eat pancakes at 1 am. Bacon at 2 am. French toast at 3 am. The possibilities are endless.

Café Such-A-Bagel

Location: Smithfield

Most Bryant students already know about Such-A-Bagel because it is so close to campus. They’re known for their coffee, donuts, and (obviously) bagels. They offer a huge variety of flavors, and have something to satisfy everyone’s taste bud desires! They’re open until 3 pm.

Cal’s Corner

Location: North Providence

Cal’s is a small, homey place with great omelets. They typically serve your meals very quickly, which makes it a great place for breakfast on a busy day.

Patriots Diner

Location: Woonsocket

Patriots is another diner open 24 hours! They have a wide array of food, including pancakes, waffles, wraps, sandwiches, burgers and sea food. Perfect for when its midafternoon and you’re craving breakfast, but your friend wants “real food.” Not that breakfast isn’t real food- much love for 24/7 breakfast. 

Did we forget to include your favorite breakfast place? Tell us about it in the comments!