Affordable Office Chic: The Best, Inexpensive Professional Clothes for Women

Being a business student is hard enough - between classes, interviews, and internships, the last thing we need to worry about is what we’re wearing. Going into college you only need a few staple outfits to get you through class presentations and career fairs - but after a while, your favorite business casual/business formal outfits get a little old.

College is the perfect time to build up your professional wardrobe. You can buy several pieces over time, instead of waiting until you have secured a job and then blowing your *limited* savings on power suits. However, no matter when or where you choose to buy business apparel, it can get pretty costly.

Good news: Her Campus Bryant has done our research on where you can get the cutest outfits for the office that WON’T break the bank.

Here are our top 7 places to get business clothes when you’re balling on a budget: 


1. Old Navy 

Old Navy is a great place to find business clothes - we specifically love their pants! They have a wide selection of slacks for every body shape and offer a variety of different patterns so you can show off your personal style. You are sure to find a pair of pants for work that is stylish, flattering and affordable, ranging from $25-$35 for most styles. Old Navy is also always having sales so you have the opportunity to save even MORE money - double win.  

(Photo: Old Navy's website)


2. Lulu’s 

Lulu’s is a great online boutique that is famous for their selection of dresses for literally every occasion, but what people don’t know is that they have some really cute, affordable business-wear too! We love their selection of blazers and business casual tops. Their website is super easy to navigate and has seemingly endless options, but the best part is the customer reviews. Lulu’s displays pictures that customers have sent in wearing the pieces that list their sizes and measurements so you don’t have to guess what the piece will look like on you!  

(Photo: Lulu's website)


3. H&M 

H&M is an all-around great option for all types of professional wear. There are more kinds of blazers, slacks, blouses, and skirts than we know what to do with! If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, H&M truly has it all - and of course, the prices for all of these items is RIGHT. You can get a full outfit (blazer, blouse, pants/skirt, AND shoes) for under $100 - which in the world of professional clothing is a total bargain. If you’re building your professional wardrobe from the ground up, we think this is the perfect place to start. 

(Photo: H&M's website)


4. Cato Fashions 

Cato Fashions is an online boutique that offers a great selection of both professional tops and slacks. Just like Old Navy, Cato Fashions has tons of different styles and patterns of pants to choose from, which are almost all under $25. What we really love about Cato are their tops. Their blouses are all under $20 and are the perfect chiffon/silk material that looks professional and never gets wrinkled. We love a girl who always looks put together! 

(Photo: Cato's website)


5. TJ Maxx/Marshalls 

If you’re someone with an expensive taste but a thrift store budget - this one is for you. It’s no secret that both TJ Maxx and Marshalls offer higher-end brands at a really affordable price. If you want to spend time looking through the endless racks of clothing, you’re sure to find some great pieces. They always have high quality, name brand, professional options from brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and J Crew. Some of their best-hidden gems are their business dresses - which are a fraction of any department store price. Deal and steals ladies, deals, and steals.  

(Photo: TJ Maxx's website)


6. Target 

Target’s business clothing section is yet another excuse to spend all your time and money in Target. We love their options for blazers, blouses, and skirts, but where they really stand out is their shoe department. They have the biggest (and best) selection of heels, flats, loafers, and mules out of any affordable department store. The styles, colors, AND prices for their shoes just can’t be beaten - under $30 for most pairs. Next time you’re at Target (which we all know is soon) make a pit stop in both the professional wear and shoe departments! 

(Photo: Target's website)


7. Express 

So we know what you’re thinking: isn’t Express a little more on the expensive side? And the answer is yes, but hear us out. The DEALS and the SALES at Express just cannot be topped. Their selection of business clothing - from blazers and blouses to pants and skirts - is just too cute to not share with you guys. So as long as you don’t mind waiting for your favorite pieces to go on BOGO, we consider Express an essential when you’re shopping for your professional wardrobe! 

(Photo: Express' website)


Next time you’re shopping for the perfect interview outfit, looking for a new blouse for your collection, or just doing a little business clothing retail therapy, we hope you turn to some of these favorites to save some extra cash!