9 Reasons Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type’ Should be the Next Show You Binge Watch

If you haven’t heard of or watched The Bold Type – you are not alone. So many people we’ve talked to have never heard of this show and we can tell you that you are all missing out!  No, this isn’t a sponsored post, we just really love The Bold Type and are so passionate about it to the extent that we know you will too.

1. It’s hilariously funny.

These girls know how to be serious in the workplace, but they also know how to goof off and have a great time together. It seems like they are always making light of bad situations by laughing about it. There is always something to laugh or smile about, and this show knows that!

2. There’s also a good amount of drama to keep things interesting.

This show is technically considered a drama actually. Although it is a drama, it isn’t all drama, it’s the perfect amount just to keep you hooked. Every episode leaves the show on a cliff hanger, where you just have to keep watching. Whether this drama is boy troubles, the girls sleeping with a coworker, questioning their own career, or even questioning their sexuality.

3. It touches on a lot of serious topics and looks at them from new angles.

These topics include feminism, sexuality, politics, rape culture, immigration, sexism in the workplace, and more. Even when touching on these topics the show doesn’t take a stance or push an agenda, it opens the forum for people to recognize these issues and discuss them.

4. The girls and the situations in the show are so real and relatable.

This show has clearly done its’ research on what it’s like to be both a millennial and a reporter/journalist in today’s world. Everything is portrayed in a way that is very accurate to reality and very relatable. We can almost guarantee that most people will be able to connect with this show on some level.

5. There are so many powerful women in the show that can inspire you to better yourself, your career, your relationships, and your friendships.

These women are portrayed as the heroines of the show and they stand up for themselves in every aspect of life, including in the workplace. The boss off the magazine is a woman, Jaqueline Carlyle, and she is a strong female mentor figure for the girls. This show proves that there are amazing female bosses that aren’t like the boss in The Devil Wears Prada.  All of the women in the show hold strong values and do everything they can to advocate for what they believe is right, even if it’s hard. All of the women in this show have huge life and career goals and build each other up to achieve them. This show focuses a lot on the career choices and different path options that the girls have to consider.

6. The three main girls in the show are actual friendship goals.

The bond they share after not even knowing each other for that long is amazing. Their friendship is similar to characters in Sex in the City in the sense that the girls experience and share literally everything with each other. Not only do the girls hang out within the workplace, they also live together and spend a lot of time together outside work. They are there for each other no matter what happens, good or bad. These girls always have each other’s backs and it doesn’t seem like they will ever turn on each other or be in competition.

7. The style of the characters in the show cannot be beat.

These girls are so on trend and they know how to dress for success and to be taken seriously at work. Not only do they know how to dress for success, they also know how to dress for any other occasion. Each girl has their own individual style and always looks very trendy and put together. It probably helps that they get to borrow from the magazine’s wardrobe closet, which has such amazing clothing, shoes, and accessories in it!

8. The show is set at a magazine in NYC called Scarlet, that is inspired by Cosmopolitan.

And who doesn’t want to see the inside scoop of what it’s like to work at Cosmo? A majority of the show takes place in the New York City office (and in the amazing showroom/sample closet that they frequently meet up in and get to borrow samples from!)

9. 94% of Google users liked this show. So you probably will too!

10. The entire first series is available for free on the Freeform website, so basically you have no reason not to watch.