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8 Times We’ve Related to the Elf on the Shelf

It’s that time of year again, when Santa sends his elves down to watch all the boys and girls of the world. There is always an argument whether these elves are creepy or cute. The people of the internet have found a way to make these elves entertaining for adults. As a collegiette going through finals there definitely a few elves that we can relate to.

1.      The Elf that thinks it looks like Kim Kardashian

We’ve all been there: we go out thinking that our outfits and makeup are so on point that the pictures we post tomorrow will break the internet. After partying our asses off, we wake up expecting to find flawless pictures of ourselves on our phones and in our Snapchat stories. This is almost never the case. After drinking for an hour or two and dancing until we start to sweat, our hair is no longer in perfect curls and our smoky eyes look more like black eyes. There’s always next weekend to get the perfect profile picture, don’t sweat it.

2.      The Bad Elf

Okay “bad friend” is a pretty harsh label. You’re not a bad friend if you write on your friend’s face with washable marker. You’re a bad friend if you use a permanent marker and your friend has an interview the next day. Messing around with a sleeping friend can be really funny at 3AM, but just remember to only give what you can take.

3.      The Miley Elf

There is a little part of Miley Cyrus in every girl, whether it comes out while dancing alone in your room or after your third shot of Smirnoff. When you do decide to unleash your inner Miley, make sure you’re with your best friends and around people who will not video tape you. There is no deleting the embarrassment of a video of you wall twerking.

4.      The Elf that can’t say no to chocolate

Chocolate is good for the soul every once and a while. However, a handful of M&Ms can sometimes turn into a half of a family sized bag… Guilt is inevitable but we challenge you to embrace it. Embrace the chocolate you eat while you cram for exams, you deserve it.

5.       The Elf that lives off of granola bars

About two months ago Salmo started to churn your stomach, and you can only live on easy mac for so long. Granola bars have become a main food group, and Luna Bars have become a staple on every shopping list. When it comes to food, your standards have dropped lower than Nicki Minaj’s in her Anaconda video. Don’t worry, we can almost taste winter break.

6.      The Pampered Elf

Going out every weekend can sure get tiring. Sometimes the sweetest nights are when you just do you. Getting your nails done, or even taking the time to do them yourself can make you feel like a million bucks. A little time for yourself, especially near the end of the semester, can really go a long way.

7.      The wine-o Elf

A night in with a glass of wine (or five) is a far better idea than going from party to party when you have finals coming up. A bottle of wine and a good friends can sometimes be the best therapy for a girl. Just pop in a movie, get under the covers, wind down, and wine up.

8.      The Santa Elf

Santa’s sleigh is not guided by a 10-pack of beer, so don’t let your decisions be guided by one either this week. Try to say no to the remains of last weekend’s thirty rack, you will thank yourself later. 

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