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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Every Bryant student knows that the swarm of business professionals walking towards the MAC gym can only mean one thing: a career fair. Here at Her Campus, we know that the career fair can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. Can I go as a freshman? Are employers only hiring for full-time jobs or do they have internships too? What should I bring with me? If you have ever asked these questions or wondered what a Bryant career fair may be like, you are in luck! Her Campus is here to answer your questions and help you navigate a career fair.

So, let’s clear up some frequently asked questions:

Q: I am a freshman. Can I go to the career fair?

A: Yes! Anyone can go to the career fair regardless of class year at Bryant. Most employers are looking for either summer interns, which are often reserved for juniors and sometimes sophomores, or seniors for full-time positions. Regardless, it does not hurt to at least walk around and talk to the recruiters from companies that interest you. Do not get discouraged if employers are only looking to hire juniors or seniors; you are still gaining valuable experience by attending.

Q: What should I wear, and should I bring anything?

A: Most students dress in business professional. It never hurts to dress to impress, and we can guarantee that you will not feel overdressed if you go for your best outfit. The employers attending the fair often dress in either business professional or business casual. As to what you should bring, we recommend a folder or portfolio to hold. It is a good place to put any flyers that employers give you and to store some printed resumes if a company asks for one.

Q: I just walked in, now where do I go?

A: Some of the volunteers should hand you a map before you walk in. If you are attending the career fair to see a certain employer, you should try and find where they are located to visit them. Anyone attending the fair should at least have a general idea of some employers who are hiring in the industry of your interest. If you really do not have a specific employer that you are looking to talk to, you can always walk a lap around the fair. Once you survey the options, you can go back to any tables that interested you.

Q: What should I say when talking to a recruiter?

A: Ideally, you want to give an elevator pitch on yourself. Tell the recruiter why you want to speak with the company and potentially express interest in an employment opportunity. If you are just looking to learn more about the company as a whole, ask the recruiter about the company culture, employment opportunities, and what they love about working there. The more you can learn, the better.

Q: I just left the career fair, now what should I do?

A: This answer depends on the conversations you had. If you met with a recruiter that gave you their business card or contact information, you can always plan to reach out to them within the next few days to follow up. It is always nice to thank them for taking the time to talk to you and it shows your interest in the company. If one of the recruiters told you about an application deadline for a job or internship, apply! Sometimes career fairs occur right before or on the day of a deadline. It is super important that you keep up with those deadlines. If you only went to check it out and see what there is to offer, there is nothing else to do except congratulate yourself – you went to a career fair!

We hope this helps clear up some questions you might have about the career fair. The next career fair at Bryant University is on Wednesday, September 29th from 4:00pm-7:00pm. This fair is for all majors that have employers recruiting in the fall. Best of luck, Bulldogs!

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