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7 Quick Mid-Term Study Tips

We all know how much mid-terms just frankly suck. Every semester they seem to come just around the same time we find a new crush, a new game app gets released on our smart phones, the bar down the street offers $1 drafts, and our favorite movie premieres.  Yes, mid-terms suck.  Below we have 7 super quick tips to help you get through them!
  1. Make your OWN study guide.

  2. If you’re planning on stay up until the early hours in the morning, scratch that idea & go to bed. Wake up early feeling refreshed and more alert.

  3. Take breaks and get up and walk around for a minute.

  4. Avoid stress eating. Pick snacks that are healthy and give you energy!

  5. Have your friend change your social media passwords until your midterms are over.

  6. Leave your phone in your room while studying. Trust us.

  7. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes, hit the gym for some distressing time.


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