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7 Ingredients for Academic Success

Who else had their first quiz last week and their first exam coming up…well on Thursday? Welcome to college where the first full week of classes hugs you in with exciting classes, intelligent (and good looking) professors, and sunny days, but then smacks you from your fantasy and throws you into a pile of case studies, quizzes, and yes even an exam.  No, really, my first legals exam is on Thursday.

What are the things you need to know to ace your first exam, pass your first quiz, and survive the rest of the semester of academics? I sat down with the HC Bryant team who majors in everything from international business to communication and asked what ingredients (just a fancy way of saying tips) are in their “academic sucess cake” (just a fancy way of saying academic success). Here’s what I got…

1. Never go out the night before an exam
You think you can handle it a night out with friends because you studied for tomorrow’s exam all of yesterday and reviewed today but a bad grade will never be worth the night before.

2. Stay on top of your studying habits from the beginning
Keep that motivation you have from the first day of school throughout the entire semester because if you let it go it’s extremely hard to get it back!

3. Read and outline every chapter on the exam
Reading and outlining all the chapters that the exam will cover helps you understand the focus of each chapter section.

4. Get a good night’s sleep the night before
Getting a good night of sleep allows your brain to retain all the information and focus better during the exam…trust me, it works.

5. Find a quiet place
Let’s admit it, sometimes roommates can get distracting. It’s important to have a secluded place where you can be alone with your work and thoughts so try finding a quiet spot in the unistructure or library to get your work done.

6. Study little bits of chunk at a time..Don’t cram!
Cramming is like trying to shove a cheeseburger into a bag pipe…it doesn’t work. Studying little bits of “chunk” at a time allows you to understand all the topics instead of cramming, trying to fit, and memorizing everything!

7. Finish everything the day before it’s due

Anytime you are assigned a project, know about an upcoming exam, or have to write a paper, take the date it’s due and pull it a day earlier. It’s always a great idea to just finish everything a full day ahead of time just in case you realize you left something out, made a typing error, or just want the last night to relax rather than fret like everyone else!

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Jessica is a senior at Bryant University where she is majoring in management and double minoring in marketing and communication.  She holds the position as Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus Bryant and was actually one of the first founding members!  Beyond Her Campus Bryant, she is the Vice President of the Bryant Marketing Association and a MyPath Mentor.  She loves working at the Amica Center for Career Education where she manages their marketing and social media efforts but also enjoys her time at the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership and the school's bookstore. When at home in Connecticut, she loves to watch movies with her family, play with her dog, have bonfires with friends, sleepovers with her sister, and scrapbook! Jessica aspires to one day manage her own department of a fortune 500 company, or even run her own company with a little bit of writing on the side!  Upon graduating this coming May, she will jump-start her career at EMC as a Marketing Development Associate in the Marketing Development Program.
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