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The 411 On The World Series

For those of you who don’t follow baseball or don’t really care who wins, but want to feel like a part of the historical baseball tradition that everyone has been consumed with, this paragraph is for YOU!

  • The World Series is a best of 7 game series between the National League and the American League (hopefully everyone knows we’re talking about baseball).

  • This year the Boston Red Sox (American League Champions) are playing the St. Louis Cardinals (National League Champions).

  • The Red Sox are currently up in the series 3-2, and will be playing game 6 at home Wednesday night!

  • This means if the Red Sox win game 6, they will win the World Series! If they do not, they will move onto game 7 and win the World Series! (If you can’t tell, Her Campus Bryant is biased towards the Red Sox!)

For those of you who DO follow baseball and have been following these teams throughout the regular and post season, the rest of this article is for you! Of course there are a million different factors to take into consideration for game 6, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

World Series Stats

When it comes to the Boston Red Sox how can you not be superstitious? Any sox fan knows it took us 86 years to shake the “Curse of the Bambino” (just 9 years ago), and we will continue to hold our breath when there’s a ground ball to first base. Looking at the facts and stats of previous series, there is good and bad news. In the history of the World Series, when each team is tied after the first two games, the team to win game 3 has had a 72% percentage of winning the World Series. BAD NEWS seeing as game 3 went to Cardinals.  Good news is that the only team to ever successfully rally and win the final two games of the World Series on the road was the Atlanta Braves in 1991. Also, God forbid the series goes to game 7, the last 9 World Series to go to seven games have been won by the home team!

Boston at Fenway

This brings us to the next thought. The Red Sox have had a remarkable season at home, winning 2/3 of their regular season home games with a record of 53-27. The Cardinals were able to steal game 2 from the Red Sox at home, but it is unlikely that they will be able to steal 2 more. The Red Sox have never won a World Series at home before and there isn’t a better year to do it. After last year’s season, and the Boston Marathon tragedy, the fans of Boston need this for redemption and a restoration of faith in their city.

Big Papi

Anytime Ortiz steps up to the plate, sox fans are overcome with the feeling of both comfort and excitement. He has consistently performed well for our team, and is seen as a post season hero. Something to look out for in this upcoming game is the 2 records he might break! With a current World Series batting average of .727, he is close to beating Billy Hatcher’s all time high record of .750. Also, David Ortiz has had 11 hits this World Series and has potential to tie or break the standing record of 13!


If we’ve inspired you to buy tickets for Wednesday’s game, think again! The opportunity to see a World Series won at Fenway Park is epic, and ticket sales are outrageous. The average list price for tickets to game 6 is at $1,860 per seat! If you think that’s crazy, on Monday night someone bought a pair of tickets for $24,000 according to StubHub. Even your $30 bleacher seats are starting at $1,100!

Final Thoughts

Michael Wacha will be pitching for the Cardinals, and has done nothing but good things for their team (especially in the post season). He stole a win from us in Boston vs. John Lackey during game 2, and tension will be high in Boston on Wednesday Night. If we know anything about our city, we know they won’t let him do it again! This is our night for revenge, our night to redeem ourselves, and the night to let Boston Fans celebrate a World Series win at Fenway for the first time in history.

Stay Strong Boston!


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