4 Reasons Why Easter Is Better Than People Think It Is

As we hop around the corner into spring, we are also welcoming an extremely underrated holiday: Easter! Easter is super early this year, which means while kids are doing their Easter egg hunts outside, snow will still be on the ground (which is the most depressing thing we have ever heard tbh). BUT, this does not mean Easter is not going to be fun!! Here are all the reasons why Easter is way better than people actually think:

1. Chocolate Bunnies

If you ever got an Easter basket when you were younger, the most common candy to get (other than jelly beans) was, of course, a chocolate bunny! We are absolutely obsessed with chocolate, so to have chocolate that you can eat everyday that’s also adorable is something that truly warms our hearts. We HIGHLY recommend the Lindt Dark Chocolate bunnies—they’re literally the best. When you put them in the freezer, they are even better.

2. Dying Eggs

When we were little, our favorite thing to do was to dye eggs different colors for Easter. This is so easy for anyone to do and you can make them look so pretty.


This is truly the best competition of the year. All of these kids are running around to see who can find the most candy—or money. Over the years, the hunt for eggs turned into just candy in the eggs to dollar bills. Who knows, maybe we will join the kids in the hunt so we can get some money. #brokecollegestudentprobz

4. Family Reunions

Anytime families have the chance to get together is always a great day, no matter whose family you are with. Since it is difficult for all college kids to go home during Easter, a lot will tag along with friends and celebrate with them. Family time is usually the best time and if people have the chance to celebrate this holiday with just friends, then we would say it is better than nothing.

We truly and honestly believe that Easter is an underrated holiday. Yes, there is the chocolate and the egg hunts, but this is just another day that you can be grateful for what you have. Some kids will not get to have an Easter egg hunt, so make the most of the time you are given this Sunday to become closer to your loved ones and appreciate your family! Happy Easter!!