The 24 Stages of Going Through Formal Recruitment

  1. You register for formal recruitment, super excited to find your new sorority.
  2. Then you stalk every sorority on Instagram.
  3. You get your first email for the dates and times for recruitment.
  4. Hours and hours on Pinterest finally result in three outfits you’re happy with.
  5. Then the first day of recruitment arrives.
  6. And your outfit is no longer good enough.
  7. So you change it. Four times.
  8. Hair and makeup.
  9. Then you’re almost late. So you run.
  10. GPA check is a breeze.
  11. Are there really 100 girls here…?
  12. The Rho Gammas introduce themselves and everyone is excited.
  13. You enter the first room and love the sorority.
  14. You enter the second room and love them too. And the third, leaving you with much to think about before day two.
  15. The sororities all share their philanthropic causes and you fall even more in love.
  16. Your face hurts from all the smiling.
  17. The next morning you nervously pick up your pref letter.
  18. Crying. Lots of it. Each sorority shows you what it means to be a sister.
  19. Filling out your preferences feels more important than picking a college.
  20. Waiting to find out which bid you received…
  21. Bid night arrives and you finally get the envelope with the name of your new home inside.
  22. When the Rho Gammas say so, you finally rip open that envelope.
  23. More crying.
  24. You run from your room down to your new sisters waiting below, all with open arms.