21 Things You Learn from Watching Too Much HGTV

Nothing is better than relaxing and watching some HGTV. You have probably learned a great deal about houses and maybe even feel you could have your own show! Here are 21 things you learn from watching too much HGTV:


1. What a “load bearing wall” is

Chances are you probably had no idea what a load-bearing wall was. However, after watching HGTV, you realize how important it is to the structure of any house!


2. Open concept

Open concepts are all the rage and make everything feel more spacious, even in a smaller house.


3. Despite paint color being very easy to change, people ALWAYS complain about it

Even if a house has all the requirements on their impossible list, people always have vehement feelings towards the paint color. We agree, the Pepto-Bismol pink does NOT work in that bathroom, but it is an easy fix, (and the other 72 bathrooms that you HAD to have are all recently updated and beautiful).


4. There is always room for some good ole’ shiplap!

Shout out to my girl Joanna!


5. Subway tile

It’s a type of tile that is used often…very often.


6. Laminate flooring can actually look pretty realistic

NOTHING is better than real hardwood floors, but laminate flooring can actually look very nice and rather realistic.


7. What “Turn Key” means

This simply means the house is move-in ready and renovations are not needed.


8. You can’t have it all

To have a turn key house, it is nearly impossible for it to have everything on your list.


9. If you want to have it all, you should flip a house

Buy a fixer upper for cheap, and then build it into your dream home!


10. The HOA is deplorable

No one wants to EVER be a part of the homeowner’s association (HOA) because of the fees and the restrictions on what people can change/add to their homes.


11. A master bedroom is relatively useless without an en-suite

An en-suite is a HUGE selling point.


12. All the different house types

Colonial, cape cod, mid-century modern, etc.


13. Even though people voluntarily search for “tiny homes,” one of the main complaints is that it’s “too small”

It’s literally in the name.


14. The wife usually gets her way

The wife usually ends up getting what she wants when it comes to picking the house and/or design.


15. A large island is a must in a kitchen

Counter space, counter space, counter space!


16. There’s a lot of “surprises” that can be hidden under the walls and floors

Whether it’s pipes, wiring, asbestos, or termites, a LOT of money can be spent on fixing things that are not even seen.


17. You have an undeniable crush on at least one of the property brothers

What a duo!


18. Demo days are the best days

Nothing is better than finally knocking down those hideous floral wallpapered walls!


19. You have strong opinions when it comes to design

Design can make or break a house and you definitely have ideas of what should and should not be done.


20. Location plays a HUGE part in how much you pay for a house

Different regions or even just different neighborhoods can be a drastic price difference.


21. Budget is usually just a light suggestion

Staying within budget is harder than it looks!