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20 Things You Do While Studying… To Avoid Studying

Studying. You know you have to do it, but you can always find something that sounds better. We put together a list of 20 things that students are prone to do to procrastinate their work. 

1. Attempt to reward yourself with treats for doing the bare minimum

*does a face mask for making the title page of a 10 page paper due tomorrow*    

2. Clean your room

You can’t start studying without a clean living space.

3. Eat a snack- you can’t start studying without some brain food

Snacks just make studying a lot more manageable.    

4. Scroll through your Instagram feed

Scrolling through your insta feed on a Wednesday night and drowning in FoMo by looking at peoples WNR posts….    

5. While scrolling through your Instagram feed you end up insta-stalking that cute boy in your marketing class

Whoopsie! But a little lurking never hurt anyone, right?!    

6. Go to the gym

Burn out your stress! Trust us this helps!    

7. Watch one episode of Shameless and that one episode turns into several

You can’t possibly just watch one episode of Shameless.    

8. Watch vine threads on twitter

There’s nothing better than Vine. RIP    

9. Clean your common room

Trust us, at this time in the year, everyone’s common room could use a little TLC.

10. People watching at the library

Possibly watching other people being productive, could help you be productive…    

11. Try the new Snapchat filters

Why not be in the spirit of Halloween by trying out the new Halloween filters?!    

12. Grab a snack from the café ​

Grab some coffee to get your stuff done. Coffee will never fail you  

13. Contemplate your life choices

“I should really start studying.” “Should I change my major?”    

14. Look at your notes and realize you aren’t organized

“Looks like these notes from Accounting aren’t helping me….”    

15. Do your laundry that needs to get done

We know your laundry hamper is overflowing.    

16. Update your VSCO

Update that feed and add some new filters.    

17. Make a study playlist on Spotify

This one is a bit dangerous because you might just end up listening to music.    

18. Take a much needed nap

Getting yourself to study is a tricky task. Take a quick power nap, you deserve it.    

19. Take a walk around campus because you need a “break”

Get some fresh air and maybe you’ll see a dog!!  

20. Wave goodbye to procrastination and study for real this time

Okay, actually get your stuff together, sit down and study!


Junior at Bryant with a major in marketing and minor in communications.
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